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A series of fines: new rules for the sustainable development of football

UEFA announced new sustainability rules this year that will replace the previous Financial Fair Play (FFP) system..

From June 1, 2022, new stability requirements, also called football income rules, came into force. In accordance with them, the maximum amount of allowable losses has changed. It increased from 30 million to 60 million euros in three years.

That is, a “break-even” system has been introduced, aimed at ensuring that clubs make transactions within their capabilities, and not go into a deep minus. It’s like in the betting application if you want to bet on sports, read the forecasts and look at the quotes, only then bet.

Which clubs are lucky

Not punished with a fine:

  • Chelsea
  • Manchester City
  • Barcelona
  • Leicester
  • West Ham and a number of other teams..

Who was fined and how much

“Winner” became “PSG”. His fine is 56 million, and 10 of them will have to be paid, and immediately. The rest of the amount can be amnestied if the plans and goals under the agreement with UEFA are fulfilled.

Roma became the second largest debtor. They demanded 35 million from her with a full payment of 5 million

Another six delinquent FCs account for a total of 81 million with an immediate deposit of 11 million.

Options for agreements with UEFA

It’s like a bookmaker, who managed to bet on what. “Roma” and “Inter” were able to agree on a 4-year delay to resolve their financial problems.

Marseille, PSG, Juventus, Monaco, Milan, Besiktas were less fortunate, they were given only 3 years.

What threatens the failure to fulfill the agreements

Those football clubs that do not comply with the prescribed conditions in a timely manner will be suspended from competition within the framework of UEFA in 2024-2026. (Roma and Inter – 2025-2027). Plus, they will have to pay the full amount of the accrued fine. In addition, they will not be able to attract new players, as there will be no opportunity to sign a contract with them.

So that the guilty FC could not sabotage the demands, they were placed under vigilant control, even additional financial statements were checked beforehand.

It’s hard to say what will happen in the end. But it is already clear that attracting or not attracting “stars” joining the team can have ambiguous consequences: buying is expensive, you can not meet the limit, on the other hand, the audience goes to them.

Everything is like in a betting application: you want to bet on everyone, but then the meaning of the game is lost.

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