Football disappointments of 2022

At the beginning of each season or tournament, we bet that this particular year or championship will become a star for our favorite team. Fans of outsiders hope for their sharp rise, fans of the strongest FC are waiting for a beautiful and productive game. But it doesn’t always happen exactly as we wanted and what bets were placed on in the betting application in Tanzania.

Borussia Dortmund like on a roller coaster

In the Bundesliga, it is already noticeably behind Bayern. It would seem that something like 9 points? But not now, when a relatively good game is immediately replaced by a complete failure. In the Champions League, she was a bit lucky as she made the playoffs with just one win. In other groups, this would definitely not be enough.

Failure of the year – Chelsea FC

It’s hard to blame the team here. Change of owner, leadership, then the head coach and his staff – all this does not motivate to win. In addition, the new leader came suddenly and at the height of the season, he did not have time to get acquainted with the players as the series of games began.

For the happiness of the fans and the joy of the bookmakers, we managed to hold on in the Champions League and qualify for the playoffs. But with the nuclear submarine, it’s just a disaster. 8th place in the standings is a real failure.

Sports observers, making predictions for sports, note difficulties with coaches. First, Tuchel with his strange selection of legionnaires, and then Potter with a non-standard approach, completely confused the players who came out of the old formation, and no one formulated the new one. And yet there is no clear leader. So for now, everything is sad.

“Shot down on takeoff” by Brighton FC

Another damaged team. But there is no one’s fault, except for the trainer who betrayed her – Graham Potter. In the midst of the tournament, he simply turned around and went to Chelsea. The demoralized squad in emergency conditions was hosted by Roberto De Zerbi. Because of this, he simply “on the go” had to create a strategy and tactics, trying out players in different schemes and experimenting.

Honestly, the club turned out to be incredibly strong, and the coach was creative and unpredictable (maybe fantastically talented?), but he more or less managed to rectify the situation.

Most likely, the survivors of the tragedy and the reckless new boss have a great future:

  • after meeting with them, Liverpool changed the scheme of the game;
  • in “Manchester City” during the break, instead of rest, they conducted an “educational program” on what to do in non-standard situations;
  • Chelsea constantly tried to change the pattern of the game, but nothing happened. By the way, nothing could have happened, since it was legitimate revenge on the “traitor”.

Brighton are currently 7th in the Premier League. But given the break in the tournament, everyone had time to get to know each other thoroughly and develop a successful interaction scheme. So those who bet on this team have a real chance to win with high odds.

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