Is the Gamble Feature in Slots worth using? 

Should you use the gamble features in slots at sites like Wizard Slots? Most slot games offer exceptional features to spice up your gameplay. Some features increase your winning chances, while others take the bold and volatile step to offer winning and losing bets simultaneously. 

The gamble feature might be an oldie, but it remains the ultimate risky gambling behavior. Here, thanks to the help from the guys at King Casino, we share insights on the gamble feature and how to use it. 

What is the gamble feature? 

The Gamble feature is a bold and volatile move. It offers the potential to either double your winnings or lose everything. Typically, the gamble feature activates after you’ve played many rounds and have accrued some winnings on the board. It might also come up in a bonus game. Examples of slot games with the gamble feature include:

  • 4 seasons by Betsoft
  • Hunt for old by Play n’ Go
  • Mr. Cashback by Playtech
  • At the Copa 3D slot by Betsoft 

The gamble feature may take different forms. However, the most common involves a deck of cards and follows a simple principle. You might be asked to guess the color of a card flip successfully. When you guess correctly, your laid-out money doubles. Guessing incorrectly means the house wins the money. 

Another famous strategy involves determining whether the next card would be lower or higher than the previous one. There’s also a coin toss gamble which involves choosing whether the coin would be tails or heads. 

Some slot games also feature a unique gamble feature where you can vary the percentage of how much you win or lose. For instance, you can decrease or increase how much of your accrued winnings you are willing to play with. So, when you make your bet larger, it means you might win more, and using a smaller wager can also decrease your winning. 

Some strategies for playing the gamble feature 

Although the gamble feature relies mainly on luck, there are some steps you can take to maximize your winnings:

  • Use the gamble feature only when you have a healthy bankroll and can afford to lose your accrued winnings
  • Use the gamble feature on smaller accrued winnings. This helps minimize your losses over time
  • Avoid trying again in a short time after using the gamble feature.
  • Don’t play the gamble feature again, especially if you just won.
  • Gambling in more significant amounts gives you the potential to boost your winnings, but it can also increase your losses massively.

Why you should consider the gamble features in slots

At its core, the gamble feature in slots gives you a 50/50 chance of making more money without having to go on a wild journey through bonus rounds and spins. Many view the gamble feature as a shortcut to reaping huge rewards. As expected, it’s risky as you can lose tons of money in seconds. 

Although most players see the gamble feature as a novelty, it has been around for some time. However, we only recommend using this feature when you have a healthy bankroll. High rollers can afford to lose tons of money at a time.  

Final thoughts

The gamble feature is an excellent feature that elevates the thrill of your slot games. Playing the gamble feature at slots can be incredibly fun. Take advantage of that immense opportunity, and you might be lucky to double your winnings.

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