Not yet favorites, but no longer outsiders: the “dark horses” of the World Cup

Teams of Brazil, Argentina, France, Portugal and other favorite countries cause disputes among sports analysts or bookmakers only about which place each of them will take in the final standings: first, second or third, etc. But there are a number of teams that can drastically affect the existing hands and completely discredit the odds and bets on the winner. By the way, we recommend doing them in the betting application at .

But who are these football troublemakers, where are they from?


Her playoff entry is out of the question. They are predicted to come out second from their subgroup, defeating Australia and Tunisia. The leader, according to bookmakers, will be France. But this is far from a fact, since the Danes are able to exhaust anyone with their physical strength anxnr.


She is also expected to enter the next round. The finalist of the 2018 World Cup is now out of favor due to the lack of an equivalent replacement for the departed stars. Although in the 18th Croats were also not included in the TOP ratings, they managed to surprise.


The country put up a truly international formation for the competition. There are few ethnic Swiss in it, but the composition is stellar, which indicates the possibility of surprises if you manage to get into the playoffs. But the implementation of these plans is hindered by Brazil and the national team of the next country.


There are also many representatives of famous football clubs here: Juventus, Lazio, etc. And also there is an extremely productive striker. So the battle to get out of Group G is expected to be serious. If only Brazil passed!)


This is the most “dark horse”, as she played few matches, and went to the World Cup due to the fact that Russia was banned and the Poles won automatically. Moreover, all football predictions unanimously admit that they have a great chance to get out of their group.


Football observers definitely expect a breakthrough from the Americans. Judging by the odds of the bookmakers, they also agree. So it is expected to leave the group with England. Although it is not worth writing off Wales in advance, they know how to play football.

South Korea

In group H, which includes this team, the situation is also ambiguous. Interestingly, Portugal is the favorite, and the Koreans have a Portuguese coach, so their meeting may surprise.

Nevertheless, the team stands out for its strict discipline and team play, which makes life difficult for opponents.


A clear competitor to South Korea. Definitely a very strong player, challenging the leadership of Argentina and Brazil in the American championships. It includes representatives of the most powerful European FC: Tottenham, Real Madrid, Napoli. So Uruguay is quite capable of “adjusting” the list of championship favorites.

So now it’s a very interesting moment: you can bet, bet or argue for the victory of your favorite team. So far, everything is very shaky, which means worldkingnews you can expect unexpected wins.

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