SunTV – Sun TV Network operates 33 TV channels across India in four regional languages

SunTV is an Indian regional television channel in the Tamil language. It is the flagship channel of the Chennai-based Sun Network, which earns revenues of about Rs 1600 crore. Sun TV was India’s first privately owned television channel and has been one of the top-rated tamil channels in the world. Until 2006, the channel was privately held but has since been listed on two major pikachuweb Indian stock exchanges. This gives investors the ability to profit from the growth of Sun Network.

The Sun TV Network operates 33 TV channels across India in four regional languages. Sun TV is the flagship channel of the network, and its affiliates include Surya TV, vidmatenews Gemini TV, Udaya TV, and Sun Bangla. The network also owns and operates several radio stations and television channels throughout South Asia, including a Hindi-language station. net4indianews While SunTV broadcasts in Tamil and Malayalam, its channels also serve audiences in Singapore and Malaysia.

The company recently announced a series of executive appointments. The company has appointed Ajay Vidayasagar as Chief Operating Officer and S Selvam as Additional Director. These new appointments will serve as executive officers until the next Annual General Meeting, to which both will hold the same titles. In addition, Sun TV Network Ltd has recently floated a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United Kingdom. Wikitribune This move is designed to increase the reach of its channels in the U.K. and Europe Gitorious , as well as increase the company’s advertiser and subscriber focus in the North American markets duysnews .

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