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What is the Meaning of Bhav in Cricket Betting?

Bhav, pronounced bee-ho, is a mathematical term that describes the chance of a team to win a game. Generally, it is expressed in decimal form, though some European websites prefer to display it in fractional form. The word bhav is primarily used in the Indian cricket betting market and in bookmakers’ official websites. For a novice punter, it can be confusing to know the difference between bhav and arithmetic odds.

In cricket betting, the bhav (or kash) of the next wicket is used to indicate how many runs will be scored in a given game. For example, you might bet on the next wicket falling in the next ten overs to win a game. If you think that the next wicket will fall quickly, or you believe that the next batsman is not in great form, you might bet on a team to reach their target in the ten overs following the next wicket.

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