What Should You Do If You Find Cash on the Floor of a Casino?

What should you do if you find cash on the floor of a gambling establishment? Casinos should have rules in place to prevent theft of money, including the requirement for casino employees to have identification. If you find cash, be sure to return it to the casino, as you could face hefty fines. If you happen to find cash, you should politely comply with any request by casino employees to show identification. If an employee is unable to show proper identification, you will be asked to leave immediately and will not be permitted to collect your winnings.

Casino employees should be careful about who they let play with their money. For example, if you find $20 in a slot machine, casino management may suspect a low-life conman, or even a friend of yours, because they regularly scour the casino floor for cash. They may even accuse him of insulting the security guard and not returning the money to his original owner.

What can you do if you find money on the floor of a casino? Most casinos will take care of the lost cash and credits. They will do their best to return them to the rightful owner. However, if you find a hundred dollar bill, it’s a different story. You’re legally obliged to return it to its owner. But the chances are slim that you’ll ever find a thief.

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